Big Kids Treats Pack Bag Hamper


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Big Kids Treats Pack Bag Hamper

Big Kids Treats Pack $20


Monster Stopper 60g

Jolly Rancher Hard Candy 60g

Big League Chew Gum 60g

Mouth Painter B/G Pop 30g

Sour Punch Twists 11g

Zappo 26g

Hershey’s Kisses 48g

Razzles 4g

Pop Rocks 7g

Super Tattoo 6g

Fun Dip 12g

Strawberry Fizzer 11g

Grape Fizzer 11g

TNT Tutti Fruitti Gum 9g

2 x Airheads Assorted flavour 15.6g

Ka Bluey 9g

Skittles assorted flavours 61.5g

Twizzlers 8g

Bum Blaster sour chew 5g

Snot ball sour chew 5g

Roo Ball sour chew 5g

Camel Ball sour chew 5g

Bulls balls bubble gum 5g

Blood Ball bubble gum 5g

Zombie Ball bubble gum 5g

Pig part bubble gum 5g

Possum poop bubble gum 5g

Watermelon bubble gum ball 5g

Double Bubble bubble gum 4g

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