Oz Favourites Bag Pack Hamper



Oz Favourites Bag Pack Hamper

Oz Favourites Bag $20


Golden Rough 20g

Mint Pattie 20g

Wagon Wheel 48g

Scorched Peanut Bar 45g

Furry Friends 20g

Bertie Beetle 10g

Caramello Koala 35g

Freddo Frog 12

Rosey Apple Lollipop

Choo Choo Licorice bar 20g

Choo Choo Raspberry Bar 20g

1m Licorice 120g

4 Fantales 8g each

Grans Fudge 40g

Wonka Chocolate Bar 50g

(please note if we are out of stock of one particular item it will be replaced with an item of similar value)

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Weight 0.5 kg