USA Treats Hamper



USA Treats Hamper $30


1 Dr Pepper can
1 twin pack Pop-Tarts cherry
1 Pack Funyuns flamin hot
1 Twinkies
1 Hershey’s 43g bar
1 Hershey’s Kisses 43g
1 Reese’s Big Cups 39g
1 Jolly Rancher Hard Candy 34g
1 Twizzlers 70g
1 Jelly Belly 20 flavours
1 Butterfinger bar 53.8g
1 Tootsie Roll
1 Candy Corn sampler pack
1 M & M’s crispy
1 Razzles sample pack
1 Twin flavour Nerds 46.7g

(please note if we are out of stock of one particular item it will be replaced with an item of similar value)

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Weight 1.5 kg